BPM Studio 4 Demo Version

The demo is limited to use and offers only the opportunity to gain an overview of BPM Studio Pro.

BPM Studio DEMO (Pro Edition)
( Download: )


Registered users of version 4.* are the current versions of BPM Studio Standard, Pro or private for download free of charge. The download version is a full version. If you purchased your BPM Studio before 2007, however, this is only the XP version.

If the download does not work , please first check whether you are registered ( here ) or via the menu -> Registration under Support).

For customers who have purchased BPM Studio version before 2007 and would like to take this on Windows 7/8/10, a paid upgrade for Windows 7/8 is required!

You can find it in our online store at the following address: Upgrade to Windows 7/8/10

BPM Studio Standard 4
( Download: Version )

BPM Studio Private 4
( Download: Version )


Download the free update (as described on the right). It can be found here in the tab above named “Updates”

All products in the BPM Studio series are Windows 7/8/10 32&64 bit compatible. (except BPM Studio Gastro, BPM Jukebox, the network versions wont work under Win8/10 ). All new Versions will be compatible in Windows 7/8/10.

All versions are backward compatible, that means that they will also run under Windows XP or Vista.

For customers who already have a Vista version (purchased from Mid-2007), no paid Windows 7/8/10 upgrade needed! Just download the latest version downloaded free under the “Download” Tab on this page.

For customers who have an older version of BPM Studio (purchased before 2007) and want to use your BPM Studio on Windows 7/8 or Windows 10, a paid Windows 7/8/10 upgrade necessary. This you will find in our shop following this link: upgrade to Windows 7/8/10


The downloads are kept as a PDF file, follow the link or right click the language and then save target as.

Manual BPM Studio Private
( German | English )

Manual BPM Studio Standard
( German )

Manual BPM Studio Pro
( German | English | France | Italian | Spain | Nederland )

Manual BPM Studio Pro Network Installation
( German )

Manual BPM Gastro
( German )

Manual BPM Digiscratch 2
( German | English )

BPM Jukebox 2
( German | English )

Driver and Skins

Please note: If you have a silver dongle and your BPM Studio is running under Windows 8/10 you still need the latest Marx Dongle driver. You can download it here. Please unpack the file and run the exe file on your computer.

Win 8/10 Marx dongle driver (

(VirusTotal Scan 0/61)

( .zip file )

If you want to use your remote control under 64 bit you need the latest 64 bit FTDI driver. Please unpack the folder and run the dpinst-amd64.exe If you use a remote control with a USB connection (no USB adapter) you have to install the signed original drivers too. You can download the installation guide here.

Newest 64Bit FTDI driver

( .zip file / .manual (PDF) )

BPM Studio BlackCitrus Skin Installer

(VirusTotal Scan 0/57)

( .zip | .exe )

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