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LED Movingheads

In the category LED Moving Heads you will find a large selection of professional LED Moving Heads in various designs, sizes and light outputs. The choices range from Beam Moving Heads, Spot Moving Heads to Wash and Effect Moving Heads.

LED Pars

With the LED Parade spotlights by Alcatech you put surfaces, objects and stages in the right light.

Effect machines

Equip your event with the right show effects. At Alcatech you will find flame projectors, Co2 jets, fountain projectors, fog machines and other stunning effects for your event.

LED Blinders

Under the category Blinder you will find headlamps in various variations and construction methods for stages and permanent installations.

Show Laser

Lasers are among the most impressive lighting effects. And that’s exactly why we have provided a selection of high-quality lasers.