LED Blinder

LED blinders animate your audience.

Let your stage shine in a bright light and show your audience in the right moment that you are in demand. Blind or also known as Audience Blinder, ensure very bright light. Mostly, these blind people are only briefly impulses to suggest the audience a climax in the show or just to fuel the mass. You can use Blinder with the technical prerequisites, also as stroboscopes.

Old against new. Which Blinder has the better qualities?

The feeling of every lighting designer and lighting technician is different. So also with the choice whether one uses now a Blinder of the older construction method with incandescent lamps, or a new one with for example COB LED as lighting means.
An Audience Blinder with lamp as light source clearly has its own charm and transmits emotions. However, if you choose the right color temperature for the COB LEDs or similar, these are a very effective replacement. Warm white color temperatures around 2000-2500 Kelvin are very popular. These are also more energy efficient.

Matrix Panel as LED Blinder?

Often the question arises whether one can not directly use LED Matrix Blinder as a conventional blinder. The advantage of this lies in the further properties of the Matrix Blinder. These can not only display fades, but also their individual matrix structure (each LED and each pixel can be controlled separately) represent shapes, letters and numbers. This can breathe life into a set design and additional information is conveyed.

As a blind, the Matrix Blinder are also a good alternative. Again, your own performance plays a big role.