LED Pars

Par spotlight for every occasion.

Par spotlights illuminate every stage and are among the most popular fixtures for parties in clubs, at concerts and in theaters.
With the right choice of Par spotlights you can put your stage harmoniously and stylish in the right light.
To help you choose your par light, we’d like to give you some tips here.


Par headlights with burner lamps:

Conventional par emitters are offered with burners from 100 to 1000 watts.
The case shape can be divided into 2 variants, Longnose and Shortnose.
This designation refers to the housing length. These can be provided with color foils and thus radiate colored.


LED Par headlights:

Even with the lights, time has not stopped. Because the LED technology has brought great advantages in terms of things, design, power consumption and brightness.
LED Par headlights in almost every imaginable performance class.
Due to the low heat development smaller housings are possible, which leads to large space savings.
The low power consumption, even at high power makes the LED light not only cost-effective in maintenance, but also protects the environment.
Likewise, LEDs have been further developed. Because now there are high-performance LEDs available that have an internal RGBW color mixture and are very bright with up to 60 watts per LED. Furthermore, the LED Par cans are available as indoor and outdoor versions and can be operated completely wirelessly.


How does wireless operation work?

First, the latest LED Pars have a battery. So you do not need a power plug for operation. In addition, the lamps either via wireless DMX or a supplied remote control
can drive.


Short and sweet:

Meanwhile, the technology makes a quick and easy use possible. The lamps work completely self-sufficient if required and bring a large color and power spectrum with low power consumption.