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Moving Head 3 in 1 “150 Watt LED Beam Spot Wash”

698.99 / inkl. 19% MwSt.The compact all-rounder: The 150 W LED 3in1 Prospot Beam Spot Wash Zoom embodies a handy all-rounder of modern light show technology. The 150-watt LED head has sufficient luminosity for every operating mode and the high-intensity lens technology guarantees that even distant objects are illuminated with pinpoint accuracy. The Moving Head is equipped with a triple prism and two gobo wheels, so that nothing stands in the way of the individual effect generation. Not least the 2-way rainbow effect ensures big eyes.


You should buy this Moving Head,

if you want to use different light modes with just one versatile device.


Lighting technology for individualists.

Our wide range of accessories and the DMX control guarantee a tailor-made light show event.

Moving Head 3 in 1 “200 Watt LED Beam Spot Wash”

829.00 / inkl. 19% MwSt.With the 200 W LED 3in1 Prospot Beam Spot Wash Zoom you have a multifunctional spotlight of the latest generation at your side. If you rely on a solid luminosity, this compact Moving Head is well-advised. Effects can be configured in no time using two gobo wheels, which are illuminated by a 3x prism and managed by DMX control. Also integrated is a powerful zoom, which allows the use as a spot. Thanks to the beam reduction system, the output light is optimally directed to the target and the 2-way rainbow effect provides the “wow” effect.


You should buy this Moving Head,

if you are looking for a powerful and compact all-rounder.


Lighting technology for individualists.

Our wide range of accessories and the DMX control guarantee a tailor-made light show event.

Moving Head 3 in 1 “350 Watt 17R Beam Spot Wash”

1 980.01  1 380.00 / inkl. 19% MwSt.The 350 W 3in1 BSW Moving Head 17R is our most powerful multifunctional headlamp of the 3in1 series. The 350-watt discharge lamp is equipped with a dual prism: A 16-fold prism is supplemented by an 8-fold prism and guarantees in conjunction with two gobo wheels (13 plus 9 gobos) an individual effect generation of a special kind “Something” provides the 2-way rainbow effect. And: Regardless of its high output, this Moving Head is instantly installed and commissioned, with a mounting bracket included with the set as well as an IEC connector. The 350 W 3in1 BSW Moving Head 17R is put into operation within seconds using the master / slave interface and linked to other headlamps.


You should buy this Moving Head,

if you want the maximum performance & function of modern light show technology.


Lighting technology for individualists.

Our wide range of accessories and the DMX control guarantee a tailor-made light show event.

Trust your eyes

You want to take a look at our moving heads? No problem: in this video, our multifunction lights turn up!


Why you should buy a Moving Head 3in1 and why Alcatech offers you the best support.


We pay attention to the satisfaction of our customers. We listen to feedback and assist our customers with questions and problems both before and after purchase.



We want you to be able to convince with individual light shows. A basic prerequisite for this is the continuous further development of the systems. That’s why Alcatech is constantly involved in development work, for example in the form of programming new software.


High quality

Our Moving Heads have well-known illuminants and work reliably in every operating mode. In addition, the connections are neatly milled and equipped with high-quality contacts.

Ease of Use

The Alcatech Moving Heads of the 3in1 series are equipped with the master / slave interface as well as DMX inputs. This can be used to generate individual effects and integrated displays facilitate the operation again.



Moving Head 3in1 headlamps receive special attention from developers and manufacturers. We are constantly implementing the new highlights of these all-rounders in our product range, as long as they offer noticeable advantages over their predecessors.


If you decide to buy several Moving Heads you will receive a quantity discount.

What customers say

We see ourselves as a company with tradition. A satisfied, loyal customer base is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

  • Ein Top-Service...und immer erreichbar, wenn man Hilfe etwas nennt man kundenorientiert

    Sabina Kröning

    Hat alles geklappt. Keine Probleme mit den Geräten. Gern wieder.

    tony meuer

    Super Kundenservice und die Geräte machen Spaß #flammenprojektor #flamer

    Freue mich wenn das FX-Control Programm erweitert wird und noch mehr Zubehör für die Effektgeräte kommen!

    Funkenflug Forstner
  • Hallo liebes Supporttaem,
    ihr macht eine hervoragende Arbeit. Bitte weiter so.
    Hatte seit der Umstellung des Pogramms auf die Administratorversion viele Probleme die ich von BPM eigentlich nicht kenne, da ich auch noch die Standartversion 4.9 mit Dongle verwende. Dort sind solche Ding nie aufgetreten.
    Vielleicht findet Ihr ja eine Möglichkeit diese Administratorversion wieder auf die alte um zu stellen.
    Bei allen Problemen die bisher auftraten hatte ich innerhalb weniger Tage, meist nur 24 Stunden eine Lösung von Ihnen bekommen.
    Dafür vielen Dank und weiterhin so gut und schnelle Hilfe.

    Jörg Verbeck

    Sehr freundlicher Service und schnelle Beantwortung von Fragen! Die Produkte kann ich nur weiter empfehlen. Besonders die DMX Software und die Technik ist sehr hochwertig und wird deshalb gern von uns genutzt.

    Huyen P.

    Meine Anregung: Bei Neuinstallation sollte eine einfachere Lizenzaktivierung eingerichtet werden (z.B. sollte es genügen, wenn man die im Account gespeicherten Schlüssel übernimmt). Dzt. muss die Verbindung zum Account gelöscht werden, damit neu registriert werden kann.

    Manfred Arquin
  • ...,Problem !,...Support !,...Problem gelöst ! Schnell und richtig ! So soll es sein ! Vielen Dank nochmal !

    Achim Lutz

    Super Support.
    Freundlich, schnell und kompetent.
    Alle meine anliegen wurden innerhalb kürzester Zeit beantwortet.

    Klare Empfehlung.

    Christian Beau

    Sehr schneller, freundlicher und kompetenter Support.

    Olaf Thom
  • Hallo nach Dresden,

    hat alles bestens geklappt. Vielen Dank für die schnelle und super Hilfe. Weiter so.


    Daniel Ollmann

    Klasse Support und prompte Hilfestellung :), DJMue

    Ingo Müller

    Ich habe mir einen Flammenprojektor gekauft und bin auch mit dem Flammenspray super zufrieden ...

    Maximilian Kurzenberger

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Nice to know

Light shows are literally a welcome addition. Whether in the club or at the gala reception: in many places, light games are really expected and spotlights in the stage technician sector are considered a must-have. The problem: Many types of headlamps are designed for a special lighting mode, such as large area OR spot illumination.

A Moving Head 3in1 combines all current headlight classes (Wash, Beam, Spot) and may therefore be regarded as an all-rounder of stage technology. In particular, people who want to generate individual lighting effects with a few devices are well advised with the models of Alcatech, if they want to buy a Moving Head 3in1.

The “all-rounder” principle of a Moving Head 3in1 not least reflects the ease of use: The multifunction headlight is quickly connected to sibling models via the master / slave interface and can accept all sorts of commands via the DMX protocol. The integrated displays offer additional control functions and the installation also succeeds thanks to the enclosed mounting bracket and a traverse.

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The interaction with non-light stage technology such as fog machines is also possible

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