BPM Studio Pro – our top-selling software for all professional Djs

Countless professional and home-Djs are already enthusiastic about BPM Studio Professional.

With more than 20 features such as exact Beatmatching, 9-fold sample player, comfortable playlist and archive management and support of 5 sound card channels every single public or private party is now easy to do. Troublesome searching for titles in different CD cases are things of the past.

Dance schools can especially profit from the integrated Mastertempo.

BPM Studio offers you numerous possibilities for individual music mixes and creative Djing. With the extensive BPM Studio Professional Edition you get everything your Dj heart desires. Just try it and download the BPM Studio Professional Demo version here!

BPM Studio Professional Edition Features:

      • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
      • supports 5 sound card channels
      • can control different sound cards
      • Crossfader time and 6 Fade Modes adjustable
      • CD Writer
      • Mastertempo
      • Playlist management
      • Free definable columns in the archive and playlists
      • Playlist History
      • Direct-Cue (Quickstart from 6 different Cue-Points)
      • Comfortable search features
      • Installation on several PC-systems is possible, BPM Studio Pro is delivered with a dongle
      • and much more…

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