BPM Studio Standard – the favourable software for all semi-professional Djs

The BPM Studio Standard edition ist the favourable version for all semi-professional Djs and users. Numerous features such as the support of two sound card channels, common waitlist or an intelligent archive management make your Dj life easier.

Features of the BPM Standard Edition

  • two separate Players A and B
  • MP3 Encoderfunction
  • Preview- and Monitoring functions
  • support of two soundcard channels
  • common intelligent Waitlist for both players
  • 5 Channel-Mixer, Equalizer
  • WAVE, MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA and CDDA support
  • Pitch and Pitch Bend (CDDA too)
  • Direct WAVE/MP3 Recording
  • Automatic BPM-Counter
  • CD-Writer
  • Advanced rdit and display-functions
  • Sample Player, Skin Support and many more

Important differences to BPM Studio Pro Edition

  • only 2 sound channels are available (1 for player A and B and 1 for the monitoring)
  • only the DirectSound driver is supported (no ASIO)
  • the Standard version contains a cross fader but it can’t be adjusted
  • the separate playlists of Player A and B are combined to one common list (Waitlist)
  • no Mastertempo

You are already an experienced Dj? You work as a DJ several times a year at private and public events or parties? In this case we recommend our BPM Studio Profi software with numerous additional features such as Mastertempo or support of 5 sound cards. More information here (BPM Studio Pro).

BPM Studio Standard


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