Fame Collosus V2 Aerosol Dual Flame Projector


With the Fire Projector by Alcatech, you can generate 2 standing flames or fireballs up to 4m high via DMX512 Signal 2.

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With the Fire Projector by Alcatech, you can generate 2 standing flames or fireballs up to 5m high via DMX512 Signal 2.
The device is operated with aerosol cans, which can be inserted into the device with a single movement.
Compared to previous butane gas burners, only a small amount of gas is needed on the stage.
But that does not detract from the performance, with an aerosol can far more than 100 flashes and fireballs can be generated.
The first DMX channel is to ignite and the second is occupied for a flame time of 0.3 – 3 seconds.
With several flame projectors one can produce gigantic flame shows, which inspire the audience enormously.
This flame projector has a sturdy housing, which also ensures good stability.
So the flame projector does not need to be fixed to the ground anymore.
The device with an outstanding price-performance ratio is ideal for rock bands, DJs, disco teams, discos, event technicians in the stage technology
and everything related to revolutionary stage shows.

The high quality valves work only one way safe and reliable.
In compliance with the safety instructions, the use of our flame machine is safe.
The application is not pyrotechnic, as only aerosol cans are used for operation,
Please observe our safety instructions and clarify at public events the use of the device with the responsible fire department and your office.

Voltage: AC 230V 50Hz
Power consumption: 120W
Flame height: up to 4M
Capacity: 2 x 400ml
Mode: DMX / Manual
Signal: DMX 512
Safety: Safety channel, anti-tilt device
DMX connection: 3 Pin / 5 Pin
Safety distance: 3m / 6m
Weight: 6kg
Dimensions: 225x225x330 mm

1 x Collosus V2 Flame Projector
1 x power plug
1 x DMX cable
1 x user manual

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